4 Reasons to Refresh Your Trim

4 Reasons to Refresh Your Trim


Painted trim may account for only a small portion of your home's interior and exterior finishes, but it has a greater impact on the overall look of the place than most homeowners realize. When your trim starts to appear dull or chipped, turn to the best painting contractors in Louisville, CO, to enjoy refreshed and revitalized trim that boosts your home's curb appeal and makes its interior rooms more inviting.

Still not convinced? Consider the following benefits of refreshing your home's trim with professional house painting services.

It Accentuates Your Home's Architectural Detail

Homes that have exterior trim boast a decorative character that few contemporary designs can claim. While you don't have to own a traditional Victorian house to have decorative trim elements around your home's doors, windows, roof overhangs, or recessed entrances, it's still important to keep those elements looking fresh, even on a home that's been recently built.

Compared to interior trims and moldings, exterior trim is more prone to fading and chipping due to exposure to direct sunlight and the elements, so it will need attention more often. Keeping those decorative elements bright with a fresh coat of paint or stain will accentuate your home's architectural detail, making it look the way the architect intended.

It Creates a Welcome Change

Many homeowners from Boulder to Longmont to Lafayette opt to refresh their home's trim for one simple reason: They're looking for a change. For the same reasons why you'd pick out a new paint color for the living room, revitalizing your trim with a fresh shade can change the entire look of a room.

When choosing a new color for exterior trim, you can even put your own personal stamp on your home's curb appeal, helping it stand out from the neighbors'.

It Brightens Up a Dated Look

4 Reasons to Refresh Your Trim

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If you've recently purchased an older home, you've probably noticed that the trim could use a good coat of paint or a fresh stain. However, in addition to much-needed cosmetic updates, older homes reflect a dated style that's evident in their finishes.

For example, many homes built during the 1990s were designed with light wood or knotty pine finishes, which aren't generally preferred by most modern homeowners. Revitalizing your trim with a new paint color or stain can go a long way toward bringing it into the current century.

It's Easy and Affordable

Most homeowners already know that changing a home's paint color is one of the most affordable changes that can be made, but even revitalizing your trim can make a world of difference by helping you feel as if your home has received a major update. Especially when you choose a contrasting color for those exterior decorative elements, you'll be adding dimension and interest that looks amazing from the curb — all without having to invest in expensive remodeling projects.

In fact, you can help keep your trim revitalized by doing some of the work yourself. Remove old paint stains along the trim, scrape eroded areas, smooth out rough surfaces, and apply a fresh finish to keep your trim looking brand-new.

Not too confident in your do-it-yourself skills? Collegiate Painters can help. Whether your home needs a curb appeal update or a fresh new look, our professional painting services in Boulder County are your best bet.

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