5 Striking Color Combos for Your Home

5 Striking Color Combos for Your Home

Need to create a fresh, new look in your home this year? If your living room walls need a new paint job or you simply need to update your space, it’s time for you to give your walls a makeover. Explore these beautiful color combinations to give your home a striking new look:

Classic Red and Creams

You really can’t go wrong with incorporating this classic color scheme into your living room. Using a deep red that’s complemented by rich hues of cream creates a warm yet timeless look in your space, giving a fresh update to a more traditional room. The white brings in more light and draws attention to the architectural details of the room. With this palette, try furnishing your space with wood as well as black and white accents to bring everything together beautifully.

Paint combination: tuscan red, amulet, battenburg.

Fresh and Modern Blue


Have some fun with the fearless combination of blue, cream, and grey. The blue and gray are calming and cool when paired together, and the cream colored shelves and molding gives the space just enough warmth to pull it all together. With little touches of bold hues like green and fuchsia accented throughout the space, your room will have a fresh and modern aesthetic.

Paint combination: lucerne, paper mache, storm.

Warm & Cozy Yellow


Classic neutral colors like yellow, grey and white evoke the feeling of a warm, cozy cottage. Incorporating accented stripes along the main wall gives the room just the right touch of modern design sensibility. This color palette gives a traditional space a fresh look that is both inviting and comfortable.

Paint combination: banana cream, horizon gray, calm

Crisp, Contemporary Gray


If you’re looking for a little glamour in your home, try playing up your living room with a gray, rose, and white palette. With rose accents throughout the space, your room will feel playfully chic. The perfect shade of cream as an undertone creates a modern yet comfortable atmosphere. Though the grey accent wall adds a crisp touch to the space, the rose and monochromatic cream colored wall keep the room vibrant and contemporary.

Paint combination: silhouette, jute, fashion rose

Bright, Bold Sage


Combine easy neutrals with bold tastes to give your space colorful quality. The sage green is radiant yet cool enough to paint all four walls without overpowering the space. The living space is harmonized and balanced by light, classic colors that bring out the subtle beauty in the molding and high ceilings. This combo gives this colorful space contemporary and tasteful elegance.

Paint combination: winchester sage, citronee, mascarpone

So are you going to go bold and fresh or classy and cozy this year? Whatever you choose, you really can’t go wrong with any of these color combinations. Each color scheme has a different vibe, but all of them can make your home into a livable, elegant space.

If you’re looking to find the perfect color combination for your home, contact us today! We specialize in interior painting our experts can provide you with a color consultation to determine the perfect mix and create the perfect environment in any room of your home!

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