Are the Holidays Destroying Your Paint Job?

Are the Holidays Destroying Your Paint Job?

With the holiday season in full swing it’s time to take the decorations out, untangle the lights and decorate your home. We all love adding that festive flourish to our homes; the smell of the tree, the sparkle of the tinsel and little Santa and Snowmen figurines scattered throughout the home. It’s a magical time of year for everyone, but your paint job might not feel the same way.

Putting up the decorations, hanging lights and adding all the bits and pieces to your home over the holidays can wreak havoc on your home's paint job. You have enough to worry about when the holidays are over without having to worry about repainting your house. Here are some tips to help you decorate your home this year without damaging your paint job.

1. Removable adhesive hooks

Removable adhesive hooks are inexpensive and very effective in keeping your paint job intact while decorating. They are easy to apply and more importantly they come away easily without leaving any marks on your wall. Garlands, lights, wreaths and stockings can be hung on almost any surface without having to install permanent hooks or use over-adhesive tapes.

2. Card clothesline

Hanging a clothesline is a great way of saving space on your mantelpiece and minimizing the number of nail holes you need in your walls. They can look really quirky and cool, adding a unique look to your decorated home. Use colored twine or ribbon to give them a little extra pizazz, green, red or gold work great. Remember, you can hang more than just cards, why not hang pictures or crafts the kids made at school or paper snowmen or stockings. Let your imagination run free.

3. Over door hangers

We see so many front doors with a big nail or hook in the center of them all year round. It can look out-of-place and is completely unnecessary. Consider using an over-the-door hanger to hang your wreath this year. That way you don’t have to cause any unnecessary damage to your front door and it’s easy to install and remove. You can use them on inside and outoor doors to hang anything from wreaths to bells. Go for a festive color or a thin design so it blends in nicely with the color of your door.

4. Decorative Tape

If you’re hanging some pictures, quotes or cutout figurines on your walls, decorative tape can be a great solution. It’s fun and brightens up your holiday pictures even more. Check out your local craft store to see what kinds of designs they are stocking this year and find one that you like. Just be sure that you're not putting anything too sticky on the wall, or you might remove some paint when you remove the tape!

Following our advice you should be able to minimize the damage to the paint job in your home this holiday season. If you do need to put in some nails or small hooks, it’s not going to ruin the festivities. Just try and keep them as subtle as possible, they can easily be removed in January and the tiny holes can easily be patched. But save yourself the trouble and try some of our neat little tricks instead.

Image via Flickr by Brad Fults

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