Could Painting your Ceiling Change the Feel of your Home?

Could Painting your Ceiling Change the Feel of your Home?

Most people never think about the ceilings in their homes. As long as they don't show any signs of damage, they're happy to leave them as they are. That's unfortunate, since painting the fifth wall can transform any room.

Choosing a Paint Color for Your Ceiling

There are several strategies that could help you choose a great paint color for your ceiling. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Matching the other walls in the room
  • Using a slight variation on the other wall's color
  • Choosing a radically different color
  • Sticking to standard white paint

Each of these options offers its own benefit. Matching colors, for instance, will make the room feel like a whole. Using a slight variation adds a bit of texture and space to the room. Painting the ceiling a radically different color makes a strong aesthetic statement that's often visually interesting. Choosing white will open the room up and make the ceiling feel taller.

There aren't right or wrong answers when it comes to choosing a paint color for your ceiling, so look for options that feel good to you.

Make Sure You Buy Ceiling Paint

All paints are not created equal. The paint that you use on your ceiling should not be the same paint that you use on your walls.

When choosing a paint for your ceiling, look for an option that:

  • Doesn't spatter (drip down to form drops)
  • Has a long dry time
  • Offers a flat finish

Several companies make paints that are specially formulated for ceilings. When exploring your options, you may want to focus on these paints first. Don't take the manufacturer's word for it, though. Make sure the paint has the right qualities and do a little independent research to learn about whether other homeowners got good results from it.

Consider Hiring a Professional

It's not impossible to paint your own ceiling, but it requires a lot of hard work. To make your ceiling look great, you will need to sand it first. Then you use a brush to paint the edges. Finally, you use a long-handle roller to apply two or more coats to the ceiling.

These steps aren't that hard when you're painting most walls, but since ceilings are above your head, the job quickly gets difficult. Just using a roller can wear your arms out quickly.

If you aren't sure that you can do this job well, then you should think about hiring a professional. This is a relatively simple process for a professional painter who has already done similar jobs hundreds of times. Hiring a pro will also ensure that you get the quality you want.

It's a shame that more people don't think about their ceilings. There's a lot of possibility up there. The next time you feel like your home has gotten old, consider how painting your ceiling could transform an entire room.

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