Find The 7 Best White Paints According to Interior Designers!

Find The 7 Best White Paints According to Interior Designers!

Not all white paints are created equal. The concept of “white paint” might sound relatively “one size fits all,” but there’s actually a great deal of variation. “White” paint actually covers a spectrum of white paint colors, from creamier off-whites with yellow tones, to cooler whites with blue-grey tones, to bright, stark true white. Different paints are also based on different materials, and may adhere better to some surfaces than others. There’s also a variance in quality -- some cheap paints are cheap for a reason, while some of the pricier premium brands might get their price tag more from branding and market positioning than from their actual quality.

Finding White Paint Ideas with Color Matching

Color matching is a great way to find new white paint ideas and choose the perfect color for your home. At Collegiate Painters, we can find paint colors that match a color you love in a photo. This empowers you to look almost everywhere for inspiration, from home decor websites like Houzz or Elle Decor, to more unusual sources like nature photography or fine art.

It does have its limitations, of course. Metallic colors are particularly hard to duplicate convincingly, and it can be hard to hone in on the color in a very tiny image or object. But overall, it’s a great way to find white paint ideas and choose from the many different shades of white available from paint manufacturers.

7 White Paints We Love

These seven best white paint colors are some of the best, favored by professional painters and interior designers. If you’re looking for white paint ideas that might work well with your home’s decor, try these great paints from trusted manufacturers.

China White, by Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore’s “China White” is one of the best white paint colors when it comes to versatility. It’s really more of an off-white, and this becomes quite clear if you put it next to true white. However, on its own, the eye interprets it as white. It pairs well with greens and pinks, which require specific tonalities of white paint if you want the right color matching.

All White, by Farrow & Ball

While China White is creamy and soft, All White is much brighter and more luminous. It has a unique “glowing” quality that really comes out in strong afternoon light. If you’re looking for a strong white that really shines, All White is a great choice.

Cotton, by C2 Paint

Cotton is just as its name implies. It’s not nearly as reflective as All White, but has a far less yellowish coloration than China White. Despite a touch of yellow undertone, it comes across as relatively cool compared to many other white paint colors. It’s a great, soft middle of the road that’s great for enhancing wood.

Honeymilk, by Valspar

Honeymilk can be described as “warm,” with just a hint of warm grey or beige that takes the edge off of it. Its softness makes it a great choice for walls, where crisp, clear whites can be overwhelmingly bright.

Lily of the Valley, by Benjamin Moore

Lily of the Valley is a soft, warm white that looks great as trim. It’s equally suitable for rooms with ample natural light and those that need more light.

Great White, by Farrow & Ball

Clean, bright, and clear yet far from sterile, this crisp white paint is a great choice if you’re looking for a “whiter white” that doesn’t overwhelm. It looks fantastic in natural light, especially soft morning sunlight.

Choosing the Right Paint for Your Home

If you stumble across the perfect shade of white for your home, we can use color matching to help you recreate it. The paints we’ve listed above are tried-and-true whites for home interiors, ranging from bright “true whites” to soft, creamy tones that err toward beige.

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