Hand Painting vs. Spray: Which Deck Stain Application Is Better Under the Colorado Sun?

Hand Painting vs. Spray: Which Deck Stain Application Is Better Under the Colorado Sun?

Keeping your outdoor deck looking beautiful is a great way to protect your home's value. At Collegiate Painters, we've dealt with many deck projects over the years of providing home-painting services in Colorado. We know that staining a wooden deck is essential to prevent exposed wood from fading in the harsh sun. But which deck stain application — hand painting or spraying — protects your deck better?

How Stain Protects Your Deck

Modern wood stain protects wooden decks by reducing the effects of weathering. When stain soaks into the wood, the product creates a barrier that guards against rain and sun damage. While a thin coat of stain can protect surfaces against rain, properly applying stain to protect your deck from sun damage takes skill.

If untreated wood gets an inadequate coating of stain, the sun's ultraviolet (UV) light breaks down the wood fibers, causing them to turn gray and fade. The thicker and deeper the stain application, the longer your deck stays new.

How to Apply Stain

Even the smoothest wooden decks have small ridges, bumps, and divots. The job of any deck-staining contractor in Colorado is to coat and fill these textures with a thick layer of protective stain by spraying or hand painting.

Using a pressurized container and spray nozzle, a contractor can use a spray application to apply stain to your deck. The airborne layer of stain covers the wood surface and soaks into your deck.

Hand painting, however, means the contractor will use a brush to work the stain into the wood. This technique ensures every texture gets attention. Skilled hand painting results in a high-quality stain.

The Pros and Cons of Hand Painting and Spray Applications

When choosing a contractor to stain or refinish your deck, you'll want to understand the benefits and drawbacks of the spraying and hand painting methods.

Spraying is the fastest way to stain a wooden deck. Spraying can save on material and labor costs, as stain can be applied quickly and spread thinly. However, since your house and the area around the deck are at risk of picking up overspray, your contractor needs to protect these areas using plastic sheets.

Hand painting a wooden deck takes experience and time. To get a quality finish that protects against the sun, your contractor should understand how to brush the stain into the wood without overworking it. Every bump, ridge, and pocket of the wood needs to be evenly coated to offer stain protection.

Quality hand painting isn't the fastest way to apply deck stain. But by taking the time to do the job correctly, the process gives a thicker stain application that won't break down as quickly as spray applications under the Colorado sun.

To extend the value of your home, consider restaining your outdoor deck every few years. A well-maintained deck will stand up to the harsh Colorado sun and continue to be an attractive addition to your house for years.

Collegiate Painters has been providing Boulder County and the surrounding areas with quality hand painting services for more than 25 years. Contact us to discover how our professional painters can protect your investment in your home's deck.

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