How to Choose Your Home’s New Exterior Paint Color

How to Choose Your Home’s New Exterior Paint Color

Whether you're looking for a change to your house or you just bought a fixer-upper, choosing your home's exterior paint color is an important decision. You want to blend the colors effortlessly with your surroundings, make it stand out, and if necessary, meet the requirements laid out by your local homeowners' association. In addition, you want a house painter you can trust. Luckily, we can provide the services to make your Golden, Colorado, home the envy of the neighborhood. Here are a few tips to help you pick the right colors for your home's facade.

Consider it an Investment

One problem homeowners face when slapping a new coat of paint on their home is deciding on a budget. While most people want to get a fresh look at a low price, it's not necessarily the best choice. Cheap paint doesn't last as long, necessitating more frequent touch-ups from an exterior house painter. Rather than err on the side of thriftiness, pick premium paints that will last longer. In the long run, it's an investment in your home that pays off.

Style-Appropriate Matching

How to Choose Your Home's New Exterior Paint Color

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An often-overlooked aspect of exterior home painting is matching the color with the style and era of your home. If you have a traditional Victorian home, it's counterproductive to paint it orange or lime green. Some paint manufacturers have begun to develop colors that are favorable to different types of architecture, but even that's not always a good plan of action. That's why we offer color consultations to streamline the process. It certainly beats trial and error.

Pull From What's Permanent

If you have siding or a brick house, consider their colors a permanent part of your exterior aesthetics. Use them as a guide for choosing colors for trim or other accents. Depending on your tastes, you might want a stark contrast or something more passive.

Landscaping, trees, and shrubbery are also permanent parts of your home's exterior, so you'll want to match their colors, as well. If you have plenty of trees, earth tones and darker colors make your home appear more natural to the surroundings. A home that's closer to the curb with little foliage gives you a broader spectrum of paint choices.

Pick Three Colors

Although there's no scientific reasoning behind it, a three-color exterior paint scheme makes your home more appealing. You'll need a primary hue that embodies the surrounding area, a secondary color that adorns doors and shutters, and an accent for trim that makes the other two colors pop. For example, a dark primary hue looks good with lighter colored secondary and accent colors. The same goes for the opposite. If you want a home that looks great without being gaudy, opt for three.

Choosing your home's exterior paint is a great way to breathe life into your home's curb appeal. Just remember to follow these tips and relax. Take your time, and decide on the perfect choice that will keep you satisfied for years to come.

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