Why Staining Your Deck/Fence Is Important


Your deck is an extension of your home. How you present your deck can have an impact on how you and others perceive your house, and some choices can even affect the value and beauty of your home. As a vital part of your home’s exterior, the deck should be stained by professionals to showcase its full beauty. Whether you’re in Erie, Lafayette, or a nearby city, here are some of the reasons why staining your deck is so important for the care and upkeep of your home.

Protect Your Deck

Staining your deck protects it from warping and rotting as time goes on and as weather conditions fluctuate between extreme temperatures. Wood may expand in some weather conditions and contract in others.

In areas like Lakewood, Evergreen, and Golden, snow can build up in the wintertime, and it’s essential to protect your deck from moisture. A high-quality stain also protects the wood from the weight of snow piles and potential water damage as the snow melts.

Weather conditions inevitably have an impact on the paint job of your deck. Whether it’s a lot of rain then extended sunlight or other dynamic weather patterns, high quality staining of your deck helps maintain its overall value. This is particularly true if you intend to sell your home because you’ll want as much resale value as possible.

Beautify Your Deck

Another reason that staining your deck or fence is essential is because it improves your yard’s appearance. We have plenty of stains in our inventory to match the natural color of the wood of your deck, or you may choose one that complements the exterior of your home. Dark colors may provide a striking contrast to a lighter-colored home. We urge you to consider multiple options so you can enjoy the deck for years to come.

Increase the Life of the Deck

As dedicated painting contractors in the Louisville, CO area, we take the time to do a thorough job on every part of your deck that needs staining. No inch of wood is left untreated. That’s because we know that when a job is well done, it can actually increase the life of the wood used to create the deck or fence. The staining protects the fibers and oils of the wood that would otherwise be lost thanks to the impact of the sun, rain, foot traffic, and pets.

Trust the Professionals

Staining your deck or fence is no easy feat. If you don’t want to have to repeat the process, hire professionals for the job. Whether you’re in Longmont, Niwot, or Boulder, as painting contractors, we are dedicated to protecting your deck through all weather conditions.

A professionally stained deck and fence allows you to lounge comfortably after work and entertain guests without worry. Prolonging the life of the wood reduces your expenses in the long run, so hire a professional for the job today.

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