Why You Should Paint Your Exterior Before Fall

Why You Should Paint Your Exterior Before Fall

Whether you want to give your home a fresh look or you need to address chips and flakes, you might be tempted to paint your home right away. Not all seasons are ideal for exterior house painting, though. Experienced painting contractors know that spring and summer are the best times to paint your home. Learn why you should paint your home's exterior before fall weather starts.

Low Temperatures Lead to Poor Paint Quality

While exterior paint technology has advanced by leaps and bounds over the past few decades, no paint type is ideal when applied in cold weather. Most exterior latex paint is designed for application above 50 or 60 degrees, but some brands offer product lines that allow for application when temperatures reach as low as 35 degrees.

That temperature range might allow for exterior painting for much of the year in some parts of the United States, but the same isn't true in the Evergreen area. Since October temperatures can easily dip below freezing and snow can start as early as late September, it's easy to see how Colorado weather can interfere with exterior house painting.

Exterior Paint Requires Moderate Weather

Freshly applied exterior paint performs best in warm temperatures, since virtually all types of latex paint require warmth in order for the particles to join and form a cohesive surface. Temperature fluctuations, however, can wreak havoc on exterior paint. For instance, daytime temperatures in the 80s are generally fine for exterior paint application, but if nighttime temperatures in the 50s follow, you'll almost certainly see unsightly stains and flaking problems in the fresh paint.

In some parts of the country, volatile weather makes the summer a bad time to paint. The same isn't true for the Superior area, though. With nearly 250 days of brilliant sunshine every year, it's safe to say that the Superior area is known for its pleasant weather and sunny skies throughout the summer. If you've lived in the area long, however, you know to expect the unexpected from the early fall through the early spring. Given the unpredictable weather late in the year, most Superior exterior painters will recommend that you finish any exterior painting jobs before fall.

Excessive Moisture Can Cause Flaws

Why You Should Paint Your Exterior Before Fall

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In addition to cool weather, excess moisture can cause serious problems for exterior paint. After a spring or summer storm, you'll generally need to let the surface dry for 24 hours before it's dry enough to paint. If you paint too soon, you're likely to end up with ugly water spots or paint that won't dry in a timely manner.

Professional painters know to keep an eye on the weather forecast and avoid exterior painting the day of and the day after a major storm. They also have to keep in mind that cool overnight temperatures can cause dew to form on your home's exterior. Since dew is common in the fall, it's important to paint before autumn starts.

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