Color Matching

When home owners are trying to choose a color for their house, color matching empowers them with the ability to look everywhere for inspiration. Thanks to modern technology that’s used in color matching, someone could present us at Collegiate Painters with a photo in a magazine, and we’d be able to match a paint color to the color in the photo. It’s worth considering color matching when undertaking a home painting project for many reasons.

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Exterior Considerations

Color matching is an ideal service when you are trying to pick the perfect color for your home’s exterior, whether you have walls covered by wooden siding or just wooden trim to paint. As professional painters in Niwot, Erie, Lafayette, and the surrounding areas, we can help you bring a color concept to fruition with color matching.Simply find the color anywhere online or perhaps in nature during a hike. From the yellow of a fallen leaf to the background color of a website that you think is just right for your home, we can match it. You can bring in nearly anything, from a DVD cover to a book or a piece of cloth. If you want to duplicate the paint color for your home’s exterior, it’s fair game.

Interior Walls

What if you’re in love with the current color of a room, yet the paint is chipping from the walls? Color matching can find you an exact match for the current color, and you can enjoy a brand new professional paint job for the entire room without disrupting the visual flow of the home. Interior residential painting in Lakewood, Evergreen, Golden, and other surrounding areas are part of our service offerings.Color matching can also delight children. It can get them interested in decorating their room. Knowing that they can find any color in nature or the world around them can create an exciting project. A little girl who loves Barbie pink can get a room to match the exact shade of her favorite color, and a young girl who delights in a the blue of a Tiffany’s box can bring that color to all four walls of her bedroom in Boulder or nearby cities.

Color Matching Limitations

While you are welcome to bring in nearly anything for the color matching process, there are a few items that won’t work well. The colors of metallic items can be hard to duplicate, and anything that’s too tiny won’t work. The color sample should ideally be at least an inch in length on all four sides. Also, carpets that have a heavy texture can’t be easily duplicated, but we can give it a try.When you are trying to beautify and protect the exterior of your home, picking just the right paint color is essential. Color matching is one of the services that we provide to make sure that you live in a home you love, whether it’s the exterior siding or interior rooms.


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