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Are your house painting estimates firm quotes?

Yes. As long as the scope and details of the job do not change Collegiate Painters will do the work for the exact price quoted. If you are looking for a price request a FREE in-home estimate today!

Do I have to supply the paint?

No. Collegiate Painters quotes our painting projects with all the supplies and materials included. You need to confirm the colors and we will take care of the rest.

Do I need to be home when you are working?

No. Many of our customers are not able to be at home some or all of the time we are painting at their house. We can make individualized arrangements with you if we require access to the interior of your house.

What do I need to do prior to the paint job?

Once you give us the go ahead, your Collegiate Painter’s manager will review your painting proposal to see what needs to be accomplished prior to the commencement of painting. Usually the first step will be to match existing paint colors or select new paint colors. This might require some of your assistance finding old paint cans or looking over options for new paint colors. Once the colors are finalized, the manager will let you know if there are any other tasks that you need to take care of prior to work starting. Some items might include; trimming bushes or other landscaping that are in the way of surfaces to be painted, having repairs made by a third party if necessary to improve exterior or interior surfaces prior to painting, moving personal property (either outside or inside your home) to allow access for our crews. If Collegiate Painters is doing interior painting, the manager will thoroughly review the process of getting rooms ready for our crews.

Do you do interior painting?

Yes. Collegiate Painters does a good percentage of its work re-painting interiors of homes. We do personal residences, rentals, even some smaller commercial projects. We do not hang wallpaper or work on the many decorative painting techniques (faux, glazes, graining, etc.).

Do you have a guarantee?

Yes. Collegiate Painters provides a two year guarantee on all of our work with some exceptions. The local manager can let you know if there are any exclusions with the warranty on your particular job. Our guarantee is fully explained on the back of your painting estimate.

What if a painter is injured on my property? Is Collegiate Painters insured?

Collegiate Painters provides two types of insurance coverage for your benefit.We have Workman’s Compensation Insurance coverage through Pinnacol Assurance. This type of insurance will protect you in the event of a personal injury to an employee while we paint your house. We also have a Commercial General Liability Insurance policy. This provides you protection in the event of property damage that could occur during the project. Collegiate Painters is happy to provide you with certificates of coverage at your request.

How long does a paint or stain job last?

The longevity of a particular paint or stain job depends on many factors.These include; the type of surfaces to be coated (siding, trim, decks, interior walls, etc.), the materials with which the surfaces are made (wood, hardboard, metal, concrete, drywall, etc.), the age of the surfaces to be painted, the quality of the preparation work done prior to painting, the quality of the materials used to paint or stain the surfaces. In addition, have the surfaces been correctly prepared and painted in the past, and how well has paint or stain lasted with prior coatings? All these factors can make answering this question difficult if not impossible. The Collegiate Painters local manager can evaluate your personal circumstances and provide you with a realistic best guess at what you should expect for the life of your paint job.

Are you a bunch of college students painting for the summer without any real painting experience?

No. As you can see from our company history, business philosophy, organization, professionalism and reputation, Collegiate Painters is a solid company that stresses quality workmanship and service. Many of Collegiate Painter’s employees have long term experience with our company and in the painting trade. We hire our crews with care and take the time to train and supervise our employees to ensure your satisfaction. The most frequent complement our customers mention to us is the quality of people we hire at Collegiate Painters.

How long does it take to paint a house?

It depends on how large a project you have. The average job takes about a week to produce from start to finish. Prior to starting we need to have the colors matched, selected, and confirmed by the homeowner. Once we start a job the painting crew will stay at your site until it is completed. The Collegiate Painters manager should be able to give you a good idea how long your Colorado house painting will take once he has the estimate completed

How do we pick new colors or match our existing colors?

If you desire the same colors, we will first want to see if we can locate paint cans or records from the previous painting job.Even if we are switching brands or type of product, the information we can gain from a previous job can help in the matching process. If you do not have any information or old paint cans to work with we can still create good color matches. The Collegiate Painter’s manager has several other methods to get your colors right. If you are selecting new colors for your project there are several methods we use to accomplish this task. Usually the manager will start by trying to find out if you have an idea of colors in mind. Depending on your situation, we might recommend you visit one of the paint suppliers we use to look at samples, or we might suggest we come to your home to show you the samples we have on hand. In some cases we might ask you to look at other homes in your area to see if you can locate a house with colors you like. On some interior projects we might think it best for you to consult with a color designer to lend a hand in the selection process. Once you have some choices in mind, Collegiate Painters will have some test paint made up and will try it out for you. We will work with you to get the colors you are looking for before we begin the painting.

What are your payment terms?

Collegiate Painters payment terms will be clearly explained on your copy of the painting proposal. We generally do not require a deposit up front or will only request a deposit to cover the approximate cost of the materials required for your job. The balance of the payment for your job will be due upon job completion. You will have an opportunity to review the work with the foreman of your project prior to making final payment. Unless you have an unusually large job which will take longer than two weeks to complete, we do not require progress payments during production. In order to keep our prices low, we do not accept credit cards.


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