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When it’s time to change the appearance of your front door, you first have to decide whether you want to stain or paint it. We can help you choose which is the best option for your fiberglass front door. Start by determining what kind of fiberglass door you have — or want to buy — and whether painting or staining is the better option for it. Then let us get the job done for you.

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Understanding Fiberglass Doors

Fiberglass doors come in two basic texture styles: smooth and textured. Beyond that, they’re designed to look just like traditional wooden doors without the warping, shrinking, swelling, and rotting. Along with the same weight and power of a wooden door, fiberglass doors also come with the same carved details and glass panels you see in wooden doors. With the right Front Range fiberglass door stainers on your side, you can achieve the perfect look for your home and significantly boost your curb appeal.

When to Paint

Smooth fiberglass doors are perfect for painting; they offer the consistent texture of polished wood that holds paint well. When painting your fiberglass front door, take cues from the design of your house to choose a paint color. If your home is older and traditional, muted colors that match your siding and shutters will look nice.

Homeowners with modern house designs may decide to think outside the box and paint in bold colors. You may even decide you want to highlight the features of your fiberglass door and use two colors: a main color and an accent. We’re your Boulder County and Jefferson County fiberglass painting resource; we’ll consult with you on the best colors for your door before getting started with the job. If you like the look of painted wood grain, there’s no reason you can’t paint your textured fiberglass door if you choose.

When to Stain

Many homes look beautiful with a wooden door that shows the grain and texture of the wood. Instead of a wooden door, a durable textured fiberglass door is crafted to appear the way a door made of real wood does. Staining a smooth fiberglass door doesn’t do much, but staining a textured fiberglass door works much the same way staining wood does. The textures and whorls stand out without the sun damage wooden doors face after long years go by.

If you have a pre-hung fiberglass door — that is, if it came attached to a jamb — staining looks extremely aesthetically pleasing. This is doubly true if your door jamb was designed to match your door in more than just texture: if it has glass, carvings, or other design elements, staining it and your door the same color will bring a cohesive, expensive look to the front of your home.

As your Front Range fiberglass painters, we take the time to hand paint or stain your fiberglass door right the first time, without any streaks, blotches, or spatters on your door’s glass inserts.


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